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Recruiting Use Case 1

Hiring is a key area where people analytics can be applied to improve outcomes and reduce costs. By leveraging data and analytics, organizations can optimize their hiring processes, improve the quality of candidates they attract, and increase employee retention rates. Here are some of the specific use cases and benefits of people analytics in hiring.

Hiring channel effectiveness

Do you want to know which one of your recruiting channels is the most effective?

We help you to assess the effectiveness of different
hiring channels, such as social media or job boards, and optimize
spending accordingly. You can allocate your recruitment budget more effectively by understanding which channels produce the best candidates.

Cost of hire

Are you aware of yor hiring costs? And do you know exactly how much each specific hire is costing you?

We help you understand the total cost of hire, so you can make data-driven decisions on effective recruitment strategies.

New hire retention

Do you have full transparency about how many hires are leaving the company and why?

And which department has the most new hire exits?

We can help you to answer all of these questions and to identify the biggest risks for new hire exits.


Recruiting Use Case 4

Take ownership of your data, measure the right metrics and take the right actions to improve your hiring process

  • Time to fill
  • Time to onboard
  • Number of candidates needed to fill a role
  • Candidate forecast
  • Wich channel gives you the best recruiting results?
  • What are the recruiting costs for specific roles?
  • How to increase new hire retention?

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