Bring your Data & Analytics Capabilities on a new level with peopleIX

Turn your people data into insights in 7 days

From the moment you become a peopleIX customer, our platform is set up for you in a few days, providing you with valuable insights to your organization. No month-long implementation projects.

Single Source of Truth of all your HR data

No longer spend hours and days to gather HR data from multiple sources but instead have access to your data in the peopleIX platform in real time.

Visualize and analyze the employee lifecycle in an unrivaled view

With peopleIX, you have the superpower to understand and analyze your organization in-depth, making sure to take data-informed actions to reach your goals.

Build your own Cockpit and reports in seconds

We make it super intuitive and easy for you to set up your own Cockpit. Set up automatic reports and digests so that you can spend the time in analzying data rather than updating reports.

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Get real-time insights

With our insights-engine, you receive real-time notifications to trends, anomalies and patterns in your HR data, so that you can identify and address issues more quickly and efficiently.

Tell your story, backed with data and analytics

Show the impact of your people initiatives based on data. We make it easy for you to build and share your story with business, team leads and management.

Start your People Analytics Journey with us

Establish people analytics in days, not months

Effortless integrations and easy set-up
Thanks to our over 60 out-of-the-box integrations, syncing your people data is easy. We will guide you throughout the set up process in our platform with best practices in mind.
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Access to your data in no time
Once we finished the set up process, you will have full access to all your people data in just 7 days.
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We’re here for you, always
Besides regular check-ins, our support team is just one E-Mail or Slack message away, solving your problems as fast as possible.

Sounds good? Start now!

Get a personalized demo around your unique pain points and discuss your company’s specific needs. Find out how peopleIX can help you on your people analytics journey.
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