Connect all your data – from Recruiting to retention

Analytics along Employee Lifecycle

With our peopleIX platform, we make it easy for Chief People Officers to get a comprehensive view across the entire employee lifecycle. This way, we empower People Leaders to monitor the overall organizational progress and to align people initiatives with your business goals. 

Speed up
time-to-full productivity

Get insights to recruiting channel performances, candidate experiences and recruiting processes to ensure hiring the best talent, fast.

Increase workforce productivity

Workforce productivity is directly connected to business output. Analyze deeply what drives productivity in different teams and take data-informed actions.

Retain top talents & performers

Have a clear view on lagging indicators to avoid the loss of top talent and best-performing employees. Understand patterns in-depth and leverage these insights in talent acquisition and employee experience to increase talent density. 

Optimize workforce investments

Understand your cost of hire, cost of attrition, headcount costs in-depth to allocate your budget efficiently.


Rely on an
all-in-one platform

Learn more about the employee lifeCYCLE

Everything you need to know

What is the Employee Lifecycle?

The employee lifecycle visualizes all important events of candidates and employees, from recruiting to retention.

Why is it important?

With the employee lifecycle, you get a comprehensive overview of your employees' journey and align initiatives and measures to improve employee experience and productivity while managing headcount costs effienctly.

How can I visualize it inside the platform?

With our peopleIX platform, we make it easy for you to connect all data points along the employee lifecycle. With >100 pre-defined metrics, you can tailor your employee lifecycle analytics to your organization's specific needs.

Yasmin Ahmed
Karen Lindner
Jalda Otto
Adra Balissa
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“It is important to me to support people topics, initiatives and measures with data. peopleIX makes this much easier for me today and on a very professional level.”

Yasmin Ahmed VP People @ simpleclub
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“With the help of peopleIX, we were able to significantly improve our data quality in just a few weeks and have since been able to analyze our recruiting efforts in real time to grow successfully and quickly.”

Karen Lindner VP People & Culture @ Circula
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“We were able to see all the data and analysis in real-time within a few weeks that would have otherwise taken us several months.”

Jalda Otto People & Recruiting Lead @ Kranus Health
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“peopleIX enables the people team and business to access all relevant data and analytics in real time to optimize recruiting, engagement and retention - without any additional work for the people team.”

Adra Balissa VP People @ Hypatos

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