peopleIX integrates your core HR data to deliver actionable insights to manage effectively your organization.

Use our platform to measure the impact of HR initiatives and practices on your organization

Core HR metrics are essential in people analytics as they provide a data-driven approach to understand and improve the health of your organization. 

By collecting and analyzing data about employees, the peopleIX platform offers valuable insights into workforce dynamics, employee behaviors, and organizational performance. These insights serve as a foundation for informed decision-making and strategic planning in human resources.

Get to know your workforce

Do you know the average age across your offices?

How is the average age distributed across teams? Do we have significant imbalances across our organization?

By assessing the age distribution, you can gain insights into potential skill gaps and plan for future talent needs.

peopleIX Platform Age
peopleIX Platform Tenure

Understand the effect of tenure in your organization

What’s the average tenure across your offices or teams? How do you ensure your tenured employees keep staying in your company?

With peopleIX, you can gain deep insights into employee tenure patterns, turnover rates, and retention strategies, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for your organization’s success.

Address absenteeism issues

Do you have full transparency about the absences rates along employees and supervisors?

By leveraging this metric, you can identify trends, proactively address absenteeism issues, promote employee well-being, optimize productivity, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

peopleIX Platform Absence

Take ownership of your data, measure the right metrics, and take the right actions to build a successful organization.

  • Headcount
  • Absence rate
  • Tenure & age
  • Span of control across the layers
  • Why employees tend to stay longer in some teams and offices to replicate best practices and retain talent
  • How differences in span of control affect productivity and engagement across your teams
  • What measures to take in specific teams to improve employee health and satisfaction

Explore other use cases

Recruiting use cases
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DEI use cases

Understand your recruiting performance, onboarding processes of new employees and optimize your hiring talent acquisition

Reveal the drivers for retaining your key talents that you can’t afford to lose


Set, measure, and achieve your diversity goals

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