People Analytics for MODERN PEOPLE TEAMS

Use data and analytics to manage your workforce efficiently

Integrate all of your HR data

peopleIX integrates directly with your HRIS, ATS and other HR data sources into a single source of truth.

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Reveal insights behind HR data

Get real-time notifications to trends, anomalies and digests in your people data. peopleIX delivers insights across the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting to retention.

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Build your own data story

Lean on pre-build dashboards and reports with over >100 relevant metrics or build your custom reports to automate reporting efforts.

Understand the root causes of your insights and trends

Root cause analysis guides you through your data, lets you understand reasons and correlations so that you can take data-informed actions.

Measure the impact of your initiatives along the employee lifecycle

Visualize the employee lifecycle in a comprehensive view and get analytics and insights to improve your candidate and employee experience. Align your people initiatives with business outcomes to manage your workforce efficiently.

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Democratize people data and analytics in your organization, securely

Share data and analytics securely to relevant stakeholders. Provide guidance to your people and business teams with actionable insights and recommendations based on your data. Data privacy and security are fundamental to our peopleIX platform. 

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Evaluate your data against industry benchmarks

Understand the full context of your data by comparing your most relevant HR metrics with benchmarks in your industry.

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What else do you need to know?

What does the pricing look like?​

Our pricing plans are designed to meet organization's specific needs depending on their people analytics maturity. We charge a price per headcount depending on the package you choose. No hidden costs.

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How long does it take to implement peopleIX at my organization?

Implementation depends on the complexity of the HR systems and data sources and the customization of data fields. With our out-of-the-box integrations, the implementation does not take longer than 2 days. With more complexity and customized integrations, this can take up to 10 days.

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Does the peopleIX platform fit in my Tech Stack?​

Our platform comes along with 60+ out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular ATS and HRIS systems.

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Do you offer personal customer support?​

We ensure that you get the most value out of peopleIX. Our dedicated customer success team is only one Email / Slack message away to support you whenever you need us.

For what kind of companies is the peopleIX platform designed?​

We built the peopleIX platform for People Teams who want to work more data-driven in their organization to guide their people strategy based on data.

What are benefits and the return-on-invest in using people?

Modern people teams using peopleIX benefit from efficiency wins in recruiting, less attrition of top talent and performers and lower absence rates in their organization. As people decisions are the most costly ones in organizations (bad hires, loss of top performers, high absence rates) our platform delivers an high return-on-invest already in the first 3 months. If you want to see how the return-on-invest would look like for your organization, feel free to use our ROI calculator.

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Is peopleIX GDPR compliant and secure?

peopleIX is committed to ensure GDPR compliance. Our platform and data are hosted in Frankfurt, Germany. For a more detail view into our privacy and security practices, feel free to visit our Trust Center.

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