Integrates into your favorite systems

It’s the central platform that integrates with every best-in-class 
HR and business systems, giving you a powerful, holistic view of your organization.

Make people data your central nerve system

Our SaaS platform combines data from your HR and business systems 
and drives next-level analytics use cases to generate people insights across six dimensions

peopleIX Concept

Make data-driven people decisions

Finally, become the master of your fragmented people data and reveal people insights across six use cases to set up your organization for success.


Understand your recruiting performance, onboarding processes of new employees and optimize your hiring talent acquisition


Reveal the drivers for retaining your key talents that you can't afford to lose


Explore correlations between high and low performing employees and your business impact

People happiness

Analyze the key factors to become a workplace that people love


Set, measure, and achieve your diversity goals

Strategic planning

Plan ahead for difficult times and conduct scenario analyses with regard to your workforce

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