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DEI Use Case 1

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) metrics are gaining importance for people analytics because it is no longer enough for companies to simply measure HR performance in areas such as recruitment, retention and engagement.

Instead, organizations need to measure the effectiveness of their DEI initiatives to ensure they are creating an inclusive workplace for all. Studies show that DEI has a significant impact on business success. On this page, you’ll learn about three key use cases for DEI metrics.

Reduces biases in your recruiting process

Do you receive applications across all genders, ages, nationalities, etc? How are the ratios changing along the interview process?

It is crucial that applicants have equal opportunities for your open positions. We help you understand how fair and unbiased your recruiting process is.


DEI Use Case 2
DEI Use Case 3

Foster equal and fair compensation

Are employees in the same position and responsibilities paid equally regardless of their gender? How do you ensure your compensation scheme is unbiased and fair to everyone in your organization?

We help you to reveal biases in your compensation data.

Ensures fair and objective promotions

Do you have full transparency about the promotion rates along characteristics of diversity (e.g. gender)?

Creating equal opportunities for your employees is a key driver for retention. We help you to see hidden biases in your promotion cycles.


DEI Use Case 4

Take ownership of your data, measure the right metrics and take the right actions to build a more diverse organization.

  • Gender distribution in interview stages
  • Pay equity gap between male & female
  • Promotion rate by diversity
  • Diversity distribution across roles & job levels
  • How to reduce hidden biases in your recruiting process?
  • What the costs are to close the pay equity gap?
  • How to ensure fairness in your promotion cycles?

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