Maximizing Workforce Performance: A Deep Dive into Employee Life Cycle Analytics

Maximizing workforce performance is crucial for business success, and Employee Life Cycle analytics play a vital role in driving productivity and performance. According to Harvard Business Review, organizations with great employee experience can increase their revenue by over 50%. This

HR metrics throughout the employee journey: unlocking employee lifetime value

In 2023, significantly fewer employees are completely satisfied with their work compared to two years ago. The proportion of these satisfied individuals has decreased from 49% to 31% since 2021. Simultaneously, the percentage of those who are either somewhat or

Seamless HR Processes: The benefits of ATS to HRIS integrations

The digital transformation has influenced and changed companies in almost all areas. Human Resources (HR), in particular, has undergone a tremendous transformation to meet changing needs and requirements. In this blog post, we will focus on two core systems that

How to set up your HR Tech Stack to enable People Analytics

How to set up your HR Tech Stack to enable People Analytics If you’re like most HR professionals, you know that people analytics is a powerful tool for improving your organization’s performance. But what you might not know is how

People Analytics Strategy – How to successfully implement people analytics...

In our previous article, You are responsible for people analytics: But what is the best way to start? we looked at the challenges of people analytics. We described key steps that can help ensure the success of the initiative, such as



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