Your path to becoming a people analytics expert: education opportunities, traini...

In a time where data and analytics play a central role in making informed decisions, HR Analytics has become an important tool for companies. But how can you acquire the right knowledge to succeed in people analytics? One way, especially

How people analytics can help improve diversity, equity and inclusion

Business success through DEI Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is about more than just increasing the numbers of people from different demographic groups. It is about business success through employees.    According to the results of the joint study by

HR Metrics vs. HR Analytics

In everyday business, the terms HR Metrics and HR Analytics are often used to describe data processing and analysis in the HR department. However, there is often disagreement about what exactly is meant by them, and they are often mistakenly

People analytics without mathematical background?

People analytics is a topic that is becoming increasingly popular and the focus of many HR professionals. Many people realize that they should use HR analytics, but they may not know how to go about it if they are not

How to set up your HR Tech Stack to enable People Analytics

How to set up your HR Tech Stack to enable People Analytics If you’re like most HR professionals, you know that people analytics is a powerful tool for improving your organization’s performance. But what you might not know is how

People Analytics Strategy – How to successfully implement people analytics...

In our previous article, You are responsible for people analytics: But what is the best way to start? we looked at the challenges of people analytics. We described key steps that can help ensure the success of the initiative, such as



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