5 steps on how People Analytics helps you build an optimal team

A successful company consists of more than just products and services. The key to success lies in a diverse, strong and effective team. However, putting together the optimal team can be a major challenge. The study “Potential Analysis Agile Decisions”

From gut feeling to data analysis: How people analytics is reshaping recruiting

Recruiting is the greatest challenge of HR- management In today’s age of digital transformation, war for talent, and a turn toward the employee market, human resources management is subject to many new challenges. Within the trend barometer study of PWC

It’s time to rethink employee retention within your company

Reducing costs through employee retention According to Forbes Advisor, it costs an average of $1,400 to onboard a new employee. For smaller companies with fewer than 1,000 employees, the cost is even higher because they have fewer resources for onboarding.

How people analytics can help improve diversity, equity and inclusion

Business success through DEI Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is about more than just increasing the numbers of people from different demographic groups. It is about business success through employees.    According to the results of the joint study by

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