peopleIX connects your ATS, HRIS and performance & engagement data to help organizations to understand retention drivers for their key talent.

Use our platform to measure and reduce your attrition rate

Retention Use Case 1

peopleIX provides forward-thinking people and business teams with powerful analytics to reveal key drivers of attrition and their impact on the organization. 

Stay ahead of the curve to increase your employee retention rate based on actionable insights. Track and manage key metrics like voluntary vs. non-voluntary exits, attrition rate, new hire retention rate, and exit reasons.

Reduce the number of voluntary exits

Do you know why your top talents leave your organization?

How are the voluntary exits distributed across departments, tenures, etc?

peopleIX provides advanced analytics on exits and identifies patterns to help you proactively manage these factors to retain your talent.

Understand the impact of tenure on attrition

Is a significant number of employees leaving within the first year of employment? How do you ensure that employees with longer tenures keep staying within your organization?

peopleIX reveals the reasons why your employees leave and identifies patterns in your attrition rate, so you can proactively manage your retention measures to avoid voluntary exists.

Stay ahead of the curve and retain talent effectively

What is the distribution of your attrition rate across performance? What causes your top performers to quit? 

Analyzing attrition rate across various dimensions can shed light on the effectiveness of talent management practices within the organization.

Retention Use Case 4

Take ownership of your people data, measure the right metrics, and take the right actions to retain your talents.

  • Attrition rate
  • Voluntary vs. involuntary exits
  • New hire retention rate
  • Forecast attrition
  • Which factors affect attrition rate?
  • What are the reasons why new hires leave your organization?
  • Which teams face the highest attrition of their top performers?

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