HR metrics throughout the employee journey: unlocking employee lifetime value

In 2023, significantly fewer employees are completely satisfied with their work compared to two years ago. The proportion of these satisfied individuals has decreased from 49% to 31% since 2021. Simultaneously, the percentage of those who are either somewhat or

People Analytics: New directions for HR in recession times

What is People Analytics? People analytics is a strategic human resource management tool that enables data from multiple sources to be used using information and analytics methods to optimize the impact of human resource interventions and organizational business performance. It

You are responsible for people analytics: But how to get started?

The strategy for 2023 is set, the OKRs/goals for HR are defined, and the topic of reporting & analytics is on your agenda – Congrats! Many people analytics leaders find themselves in the same situation. What’s the best way to

How People Analytics is Different from HR Reporting

People analytics is the use of data and analytics to improve the way organizations make decisions about their workforce. It involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about employee behavior, attitudes, and performance, and using those insights to inform and guide



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