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Analyzing your engagement surveys, i.e., quarterly pulse checks is instrumental in gaining insights into the overall health of your workforce. By consistently assessing employee satisfaction, i.e., employee Net PromoterS core (eNPS), at regular intervals, you can swiftly identify trends and patterns, enabling timely interventions. This approach empowers leadership to proactively address concerns, capitalize on strengths, and implement targeted initiatives aimed at fostering a positive work environment.

Scores by Question

Analyzing average scores on team and department survey questions provides an explicit understanding of the specific aspects of the work environment that contribute to or hinder employee well-being. By aggregating scores for each survey, you can identify both strengths and areas of improvement. This detailed insights guide leadership in formulating precise strategies to enhance employee engagement, tailoring interventions to address the unique needs and concerns identified through the survey responses.

Engagement survey - Lowest 5

Delving into the lowest five survey questions per team or department in a Quarterly Pulse Check offers a targeted approach to addressing critical areas of concern within your organization. By pinpointing the questions with the lowest average scores, leaders can direct their focus and resources toward the specific issues that most adversely affect employee engagement and people happiness. This metric acts as a compass, guiding your organization to prioritize interventions and initiatives.

Employee survey scores correlations

Examining team and department scores and correlations for a selected survey question allows organizations to uncover intricate relationships between employee sentiment and various workforce metrics. By considering factors such as hiring and exit rates, team size, employees average age, or tenure, you can identify patterns that offer valuable insights into team and department dynamics.

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  • Engagement score
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
  • Manager Net Promoter Scores
  • Wich targeted intervention strategies should you use?
  • What Insights do engagement scores offer about workplace well-being?
  • How can team and department scores impact recruiting and retention strategies?

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