"With the help of peopleIX, we were able to significantly improve our data quality in just a few weeks and have since been able to analyze our recruiting efforts in real time to grow successfully and quickly."
Karen Lindner
VP People & Culture @Circula
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Circula is a fast growing SaaS fintech based in Berlin that offers a comprehensive employee spend management platform that combines employee expenses, travel expenses and employee benefits.

With growth and expansion came new challenges for the People & Talent function. To continue growing successfully at a rapid pace, Karen relied on recruiting data analytics to optimize processes, hire talent faster, and increase the quality of new hires.

Karen’s team was working with an HR system and manual data analysis methods that limited real-time, rapid data analysis. In order to make fast, informed recruiting decisions and reduce time spent cleaning and preparing data, a solution was needed.


Karen wanted one solution to centralise all recruitment related data, enhance the data quality, and equip her talent acquisition team with real time data to make the right decisions.

peopleIX was introduced to automate the data clean-up, help with data analysis and to give the Talent Acquisition Team as well as the Hiring Managers access to metrics, dashboards and insights in real time.


Time savings in reporting

With the help of the peopleIX platform, the Talent Acquisition team was able to reduce the time needed to create reports from >10 hours to <1 hour per month.

Improving data quality and transparency

Karen and her team leveraged peopleIX’s data quality engine to improve recruiting data quality to over 95% in just a few weeks. 

Fast and targeted action using data

Based on the data analysis and insights, the Talent Acquisition team was able to optimize the budget for the different recruiting channels and identify and eliminate the bottlenecks in the recruiting processes.

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