"peopleIX enables the people team and business to access all relevant data and analytics in real time to optimize recruiting, engagement and retention - without any additional work for the people team."
Adra Balissa
VP People & Culture @Hypatos
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Hypatos is a B2B machine-learning startup from Potsdam with the goal of automating document processes in Enterprises.

Adra, VP People, had a plan to evolve the decision culture in HR from “gut feeling” to “data-driven decision making” to provide all key stakeholders with the most up-to-date data, analytics and insights in real-time.

Fragmented data in different systems meant that in-depth analysis was very complex and time-consuming.


Adra brought in peopleIX to have a single source-of-truth of her HR data in one platform and automate the data analysis process. As a result, the people team, executives and management have access to refreshed data whenever they need it, empowering them to make HR decisions faster and better.


Data Democratization

With peopleIX, she can share data with management and executives in real-time through permissioned sharing, providing them with valuable insights.

Cost and time savings

Automated data analysis saved her team several hours per month and eliminated the need for an analyst and engineering resource for her team.

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