With peopleIX, we are building the simplest analytics platform for people teams.

Running and growing great businesses is all about getting your people decisions right. People are at the core of every key decision made in businesses about how to scale and run the business. Because of that, forward-thinking people teams use data to guide people decisions. However, there is one fundamental core problem: It’s hard, time-consuming, and complex to get messy people data from fragmented systems.

Getting the people strategy right is crucial in times of war for talent, changes in working models, and a seismic shift in employee-employer relationships. Therefore, modern human resources teams aim to analyze key metrics to make data-driven decisions. Today, they have to extract data from various systems (HRIS, ATS, L&D, performance & engagement, etc.), clean the data and manually calculate the relevant metrics. Most importantly, they try hard to quantify the impact of HR data on the business.

But today’s HR, business tools, and organizations fail to support this way of working due to messy data, which is fragmented across many systems (HRIS, ATS, Performance, LMS..), and mostly inexperience with rigorous data crunching in people teams.

While revenue, finance, or operations teams work in a data-driven way and use analytics tools that they love, the same cannot be said for people teams.

It shouldn’t be this way.

We have seen the challenges of data-driven people decision-making. With first-hand experience in different industries and stages of companies, we have seen a bunch of analytics approaches. After years of experience scaling and transforming businesses as well as running HR & analytics projects, we built the people analytics platform we always wanted. We enable people teams to make data-driven people decisions with people.


The people analytics platform for people teams

peopleIX offers you several benefits that will help people teams to master their daily and strategic work.

Answers to your people questions at your fingertips

Type in all your people questions and see relevant metrics, benchmarks, and recommendations in seconds not weeks.

Single source of truth for your people data

It’s the central platform that integrates with your favorite HR and business systems, giving you a powerful, holistic view of your organization. The platform lets you work with every best-in-class HR and business system.

Ensures high data quality in your single-source of truth

peopleIX continuously looks for data quality issues and notifies owners of people data in real-time.

Democratize and make data insights available wherever it is needed

The people team owns the platform, but everyone can access and use it – wherever needed. They work closely together with their business peers to define the people strategy.

Advanced analytics and benchmarking

Using people and business data, peopleIX predicts the key drivers, compares them to benchmarks and gives recommendations.

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