Nick's Chief People Officer Dashboard for Startups

Startups have some special characteristics as their success and growth is directly connected to their ability to meet their headcount plan, hire great talent fast and retain their thought leaders. What are the metrics people teams should have a look at on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis? We put together the most common people KPIs and data visualizations, startups in Series A and Series B stage track.

What does this dashboard include?


Time to fill: Measures how long it takes to fill an open position from the moment the position is created until a candidate signed the contract.


Time to hire: Measures the time it takes for a candidate to move through the recruitment process, from the moment the application is received until the candidate has signed an offer.



Engagement & Productivity

Absenteeism rate: Measures the number of days an employee is absent from work as a percentage of the total number of work days. I can indicate issues with engagement, motivation, or health that may need to be addressed.


eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score): It is a scoring system designed to help employers measure employee satisfaction and loyalty within their organization.



New hire retention: Percentage of new hires that remain with the company after a set period of time (in this case the probation period). It is a metric that measures the effectiveness of an organization’s ability to retain new employees during their early stages.


Regrettable attrition: Regrettable attrition refers to the departure of valuable employee. This type of attrition is particularly painful for organizations because it involves the loss of employees who are productive and have a positive impact on the company culture.


What insights can I surface with this dashboard?

Nick’s Chief People Officer Dashboard for Startups empowers people teams to uncover insights to fostering a thriving organizational culture and maximizing workforce performance. Through data visualization and analysis, this dashboard enables Chief People Officers to extract insights and pattern across various dimensions of the employee lifecycle.

Recruitment insights:

  • Optimize recruitment timelines and processes to increase hiring speed
  • Identify positions which are hard to fill and plan accordingly

Engagement & Productivity insights:

  • Address absenteeism trends proactively before they become a severe problem to your organization
  • Enhance workforce productivity by leveraging insights from eNPS to understand the effect of initiatives and measures on overall engagement and productivity

Retention insights:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of recruiting processes and onboarding programs through the new hire retention rate
  • Mitigate regrettable attrition by identifying underlying causes and implementing targeted retention initiatives

With these data visualizations and analysis, Chief People Officer can make informed decisions, implement targeted measures and drive continuous improvement in workforce management practice, contributing to the long-term success and growth of the organization.

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