Greenhouse’s integration with peopleIX creates a powerful synergy, empowering businesses to unlock valuable insights and collaborate with business in one people analytics platform.

About Greenhouse

Greenhouse facilitates engagement with applicants at every touchpoint, streamlines administrative tasks, and fosters collaboration among all stakeholders in the recruiting process.

Why integrate Greenhouse with peopleIX?

Integrating Greenhouse with our platform allows you to further streamline your hiring process. Through this integration, you save valuable time to focus on building a successful team and support your recruiting team with the best analytics.

Set up automated reporting and advanced funnel analytics in order to concentrate on the essentials: hiring the best talent. Empowering your recruiting team – With Greenhouse and peopleIX, turn your recruiting data into valuable insights.

Hiring is a key area where people analytics can be applied to improve outcomes and reduce costs. By integrating Greenhouse with peopleIX, you can match candidates’ data with employee records to close the feedback loop between hiring and onboarding as well as the overall employee lifecycle. You can focus on the process of hiring, we do the rest: Improve the quality of attracted candidates by analyzing key metrics such as funnel conversion rates, offer-acceptance-ratio across channels, time-to-hire, or recruiter capacity. You can allocate your recruitment budget more effectively by understanding which channels attract the best candidates. Further, we help you understand the total cost of hire, so you can make data-driven decisions on effective recruitment strategies. Finally, you get the full picture about how the quality of hires is in your organizationsWe can help you to answer all of your questions and to identify the biggest attracting, hiring and retaining top talent.

You can use our platform to unlock the full potential of your data and benefit from our comprehensive range of recruiting analytics while taking advantage of Greenhouse’s robust recruiting process capabilities.

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