Our mission

We build the most intuitive people analytics platform to enable data-driven people decision making in real-time

At peopleIX, we believe that people are at the heart of every successful organization.

Getting the people strategy right is crucial in times of war for talent, changes in working models, and a seismic shift in employee-employer relationships. Therefore, modern people teams aim to use data to make the right people-decisions. Today, people data is messy and fragmented across various systems and people teams have hard times to make data-driven decisions to drive the people strategy.

peopleIX is the people analytics platform helping organizations to have an holistic view on all people data and truly understand the impact of their people decisions on the business, while reducing manual data crunching, cleaning and analyzing of everyone involved.

Our guiding values

Data Driven

We always keep an open mind, look for the truth and love it, when data prove us that we wrong rather than defending ourselves.


We strongly believe in actions over perfection. Let’s discover, do, fail, learn and do it again, quickly! Great teams move fast and get things done.


We are on a great mission, that might scare others. We don’t settle for less – we’re in this game to win.


We trust each other and seek to achieve great things, together. We embrace our collective journey with enthusiasm and celebrate our mutual success.

Positive Impact

We truly embrace people who aspire others to become better human beings. Whether it’s your high standards or your generosity in always being there to help, your presence inspires others to strive for excellence.


All growth and knowledge begin with curiosity. We surround ourselves with people obsessed asking “why” and figuring out the “how”.

Our thoughts on inclusivity

We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion fuels our success

We value the uniqueness of all our colleagues. We welcome people regardless of their race, orientation, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, disability or identify. We will work hard on diversity at peopleIX on all dimensions. We commit ourselves to the following initiatives to increase and ensure diversity and inclusion:

  • Setting clear diversity & inclusion goals in our OKRs
  • Creating and supporting diverse communities in and outside of peopleIX
  • Using technology tools like gender decoder to ensure inclusive texts (e.g. in our blog post, job descriptions, etc.)
  • If you think we are missing something critical, please let us know: nick@peopleix.com

Meet the peopleIX Founders

We are an ambitious and experienced founder team to build
the people analytics platform for forward-thinking people teams

Georg Schaal

Georg Schaal

Co-Founder @ peopleIX

Georg Schaal

Co-Founder @ peopleIX
Nick Stodt

Nick Stodt

Co-Founder @ peopleIX

Nick Stodt

Co-Founder @ peopleIX

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