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Turn people data into insights

The Insights Engine is your data analyst at your fingertips. Receive real-time trends, anomalies, forecasts and root-cause insights with this feature on the peopleIX platform. Ready-to-go analytics across the employee lifecycle in your own dashboard.
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Many people managers and their teams do not have the time and resources to analyse the amount of people data. Valuable time is invested in analysing and processing data points. A comprehensive interpretation of the data is then usually neglected.

The amount of people data generated is so extensive that analyses take a lot of time. This work is still done manually. Frequently, only a fraction of data can be processed without being able to place it in the overall context.


As a result, HR works reactively instead of proactively and is unable to utilise the full potential of its data. The data analyses are generally not prepared and comprehensible for other stakeholders. This makes it much more difficult to make data-informed decisions.

This is how the Insights Engine helps you

to gain targeted insights into you people data & organize your HR work proactively and data-driven.

Gain reliable real-time trends

Our Data Quality Engine ensures high data quality in all analyses in our platform. The data quality checks are transparent and can be viewed in real-time in our platform. The Insights Engine only accesses data points that have a quality level of at least 99%.

Get your personal insights

In your custom dashboard with individually compiled reports, you can see exactly what really counts. In addition, the Insight Engine informs you daily about the conclusions that can be drawn from your data. Work data-driven and make better decisions!

Understand the root causes

The Insights Engine not only shows the trends or symptoms at an early stage, but also provides important insights into the underlying problems. Use our platform to understand the causes of anomalies and trends in your data.

Act proactively & data-based

The Insights Engine uses AI technology to automate the analysis of HR data so that the user is proactively alerted to trends, insights, digests and anomalies. Independent interpretation and analysis of the data is no longer necessary. This saves time for essential and strategic decisions!

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Turn people data into insights within seconds

With your own data analyst at your side

 The peopleIX platform integrates all HR data to analyse the employee lifecycle for you in real-time. The Insights Engine automates all analyses so that you are proactively alerted to trends, insights, digests and anomalies. This means you no longer have to analyse the data and extract insights yourself, but instead receive them in text form with the relevant analyses within seconds. Thanks to advanced AI technology, the Insights Engine also gives you predictions and allows you to understand the root of your problems. In addition to this, we can help to develop a more objective and deeper understanding of the organisation. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Let us introduce you to the Insights Engine!

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    The peopleIX platform

    peopleIX empowers people teams and business leaders to make the best people decisions based on data
    • peopleIX integrates directly with your HR and business software to get rid of data engineering work.
    • The platform gives you reliable and accurate data which are the foundation for people analytics. 
    • peopleIX detects any issues and anomalies in people data.
    • Lean on pre-build dashboards and reports with over >100 relevant HR metrics or build your custom reports to automate reporting efforts.
    • Provide guidance to your people and business teams with actionable insights and recommendations based on your data.
    • Understand the full context of your data by comparing your most relevant HR metrics with market benchmarks.
    • Data privacy and security are fundamental to our peopleIX platform. 

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